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No Insurance? No Problem!

*This is not an insurance plan*





Includes ($480 Value)

·         2 FREE routine cleanings/year (Deep cleanings at discounted rate below)

·         2 FREE fluoride applications/ year (regardless of age)

·         2 FREE exams/ year

·         FREE bitewing x-rays as prescribed by the doctor (minimum yearly)

·         FREE panoramic x-ray every 60 months

·         20% discount on all other treatment provided by our office (10% discount if using Care Credit or Lending Club)

Cost of Program

·         First member $275/year OR $25/month auto draft

·         Second member (of same household) $225/year OR $20/month auto draft

·         Each additional member (of same household <26 years) $200/year OR $18/month auto draft

Fine Print

·         Discount applies to procedures completed at CFD.  If an outside referral is needed (periodontist, endodontist, orthodontist, etc) the specialist’s fees will apply.  

·         No shows, last minute cancellations may be grounds for forfeiture of free or discounted services. $35 fee may apply.  

·         Pt is responsible for making all appointments within the 12 month period that begins and ends the program.  “Free and discounted” services will not be

         honored past the  12 month period without renewal of the program. 

·         If the monthly payment is not made or is discontinued before the 12 month time frame has expired, the patient will be responsible for the full fee of dental work

         already performed. 

·         Non-Transferrable and cannot be combined with an insurance plan.

·         Household must sign up as same effective date to get multi-member discount.